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Create restaurant-quality culinary dishes with this top-notch Whip-It! Ion Torch. It's convenient, hand-held, ergonomic design makes it a must-have tool for every chef in the kitchen. Create gourmet desserts and whip up the perfect crème Brulee. Ideal for searing, caramelizing, heating, browning, and glazing.

Other uses include Electrical & mechanical repair, plumbing, automotive, dental, medical & lab, camping & BBQ, jewelry repair, and more.

Features and Specification:

Waterproof Piezoelectronic Ignition System

Higher flame temperature (2500°F, 1350°C)

Nonstop burning – 90 minutes (mid setting)

Adjustable temperature control, hands-free lever

Product Dimensions: 13.2cm x 17.1cm x 6.4cm

Weight: 1.56 lbs

Tank Material: Metal

Waterproof Piezoelectronic Ignition System

Power Type: Runs On Butane Gas (sold separately)

Color: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Silver, White, Yellow/Black

Includes: Recipe Torch Book

This item ships within the United States only



Do not touch the flame guard while in use or until sufficient time has passed for cooling.

Do not immerse this product or heated parts in water.

Allow cooling naturally.

For the best result, always use Whip-it! Butane gas in the torch.

Do not use propane gas or any other types of fluids.

Do not store in a temperature exceeding 40°C / 104°F.

Keep away from eyes at all times.

The torch flame is nearly invisible in bright light or sunlight.

Make sure that gas flow is turned off when not in use.

Do not pack this item in any checked or carry-on baggage.

This product is flammable.

Keep away from fire, open flames, and hot surfaces.

Failure to comply with these warnings may result in bodily harm or other accidents.