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Twisted Hemp


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These papers are made of 100% Organic Hemp. The best alternative for users who want to change from the traditional blunt wrap. Twisted Hemp Wraps is a cleaner option for not containing tobacco and nicotine in its ingredients. 

CALIFORNIA DREAM -  A delicious pure hemp wraps without any tobacco or nicotine, and a smooth even burn, letting you linger on the flavor.

ENDLESS SUMMER - The mango-pineapple flavor of your smoke with flavorful and completely made up of organic hemp, so you can rest easy knowing there is no tobacco or nicotine in these wraps.

GRAPE BURST -  The mouthwatering flavor of grapes and gives you a tobacco and nicotine-free smoke

PLAIN JANE - Flavor-free, so you can enjoy a natural smoke without anything taking away from your smoking experience

SWEET - Sweet taste, perfect to compliment the flavor of your favorite legal smoking herb

TROPICAL BREEZE - A perfectly flavored wrap to make your smoking experience all the more enjoyable. made from pure hemp


4 Wraps x 1 Pouch

15 Pouches x 1 Display Box