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Twisted Hemp


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These papers are made of 100% Organic Hemp. The best alternative for users who want to change from the traditional blunt wrap. Twisted Hemp Wraps is a cleaner option for not containing tobacco and nicotine in its ingredients. These are NON-GMO Hemo which is 100% nicotine and tobacco-free.

HONEY CITRUS - Combination of honey and citrus flavor with lovely balance for your herbs.

JUST HEMP - Hemp only with no Flavor, just clean and simply perfected hemp.

HANG 10 MANGO - Amazing balance of mango and hemp combined as one.

VANILLA SMOOTH - Perfect blend of hemp and vanilla taste to mix with smoking herbs.

Instructions for use:-

Open the package to remove one of the Twisted Hemp Wraps

Once the Twisted Hemp Wrap is opened, insert the filling carefully.

When the Twisted Hemp Wrap is full, curl to close the contents by squeezing lightly.

Moisten the TWISTED CUT EDGES and ready.


2 Wraps x 1 Pouch

2 Premium Filter Tips x 1 Pouch

15 Pouches x 1 Display Box