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Special Blue


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This torch has all the standard features such as automatic ignition, adjustable flame, quick butane refill, as well being cordless and lightweight. This torch has many uses. It can be used for baking food, welding, lighting up, and for a barbecue. Easy to use, works at all angles, and is ergonomic. The single flame head quickly heats anything up and get it to extremely high temps. The slightly aggresive design is very appealing.

An adjustable flame control and safety lock makes our torches suitable for users of any skill level. The self-igniting Piezo trigger ignition system allows users to simply turn the adjustment flame control to open and then push the trigger to ignite the flame.

7.5" Tall

Self-Igniting Piezo Trigger Ignition

Child Proof Safety Lock System

Cordless Lightweight Design

Safety Adjustable Flame


Quick Refill