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Every RAWl and RAWler is unique - find the perfect tip for YOU.

A RAW Classic Tip is the foundation of a great smoke.  We make many different styles so you might have to try several till you find the perfect one we made for you tho…  Enjoy and happy RAWling!

RAW Perforated Gummed Tips

Made from our natural, unbleached, long fiber classic tip paper milled with a traditional type Fourdrinier paper machine – RAW Perforated Gummed Tips are a smoker’s dream.  Perforated in just the right places for perfectly sized tips and lined with a pure natural gumline, RAW Perforated Gummed Tips are all about style and convenience.  We are proud that we invented the gummed tip many years ago to solve the “recoil” problem. #RAWcreativity #RAWinnovation

Tip size: 0.75” x 2.25”

Product Kit:

33 Perforated Gummed Tips per pack

24 packs per box


Do not leave unattended.

Please keep away from children