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The demand for quartz nails for dabbers has drastically increased over the past few years, because, well, they're awesome. 

Quartz bangers are dab nails made of quartz that connect to your dab rig or bong so you can torch them and dab your break or concentrate. The quartz banger is the most famous quartz nail as it offers clean taste and convenience.

Quarts nail have certainly gotten the material of decision for dabbers, particularly for those tasty low-temp dabs. It's an amazing material for dabbing nails because of its extremely high dissolving point and consumption opposition.

Look at our enormous choice of dab bangers that will fit on a rig. To expand your flavor and vapor we suggest a carb cap, as you can coordinate the wind current and add more obstruction. 

14mm Quartz banger and quartz nails are rapidly turning into the most generally used nail for dabbing. Numerous individuals love quartz because of the unadulterated and clean taste you get.

It is the best pick keeping in mind the strength and quality. Quartz heats up faster than Titanium in around 5-10 seconds and won't ever transmit unsafe gases because it is made of food/clinical grade.

Quartz nails additionally bring the heat away from your joint to assist with forestalling conceivable heat pressure and breaks. We convey a tremendous choice of domeless nails in all sizes (10mm, 14mm, and 18mm) to fit any dab rig. We convey domeless nails,quartz banger nails, nectar cans, and traditional nails with joints. 

With the developing interest in dabbing, the interest for new and better dab instruments has extraordinarily expanded. While quartz may look like glass, it's anything but an incredibly solid sort of gem.

It is equipped for the feature of standing high measures of heat and is hard to break. Quartz nail guarantees an unadulterated flavor to your dab, in contrast to titanium nails. 

At Honeybee Herb you can expect a quartz banger that is all around made, even, totally level, and have extraordinary wind current. Our dab bangers are only much more pleasantly made and go through a careful review before we transport it to you. We take a gander at every banger intently and ensure that it sits pleasantly in the joint without releasing any air. 


Discovering a dab banger for your bong has never been simpler. A quartz nail will make it conceivable to add a dab bowl for the bong without taking a chance with any breakage from heat. Just supplant your bowl piece with an equivalent size quartz banger and you are good to go. We are pleased to offer a decent determination of American quartz nails by AFM at an incredible cost. Regardless of whether you need a level top banger or a warm banger, we are the power with regard to quartz nails. 

While quartz is less solid than titanium, quartz offers a cleaner flavor and heats up rapidly. Quartz additionally has less heat maintenance than titanium, permitting dabbers to get to ideal temperatures speedier and appreciate the genuine kinds of their terpenes. 

Dabbers love quartz for its style, flavor, and fast heating times, and concentrate devotees all throughout the planet are exchanging their domelesstitanium nails for quartz bangers or nectar pails. In case you're hoping to appreciate low temp dabs, consider scooping a quartz nail for reliable heat and breathes in easily

Honeybee Herbs choice of bangers andhigh-quality quartz heating components serves each taste

We have 3D shape style bangers and huge box style bangers for individuals who love to dab BIG. A portion of our quartz nails includes pivoted covers for simple low temp dabbing. We've even got the best quartz nails that will suit your style! 

From domeless quartz nails to swing arm nectar cans, your most loved online headshop has an amazing quartz choice that doesn't burn through every last cent.