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Green Fire


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★How to fill water into the bubbler attachment?

Fill a cup with water, insert the bottom of the water pipe into the water, then use your mouth to draw water up from the top/ mouthpiece of the bubbler attachment and remove the bubbler attachment from the water cup during the suction process while continuing to inhale, so that air will enter the water pipe and create bubbles. This will ensure that the water in the water pipe will not flow out.

★After the water pipe is filled with water, please shake the water pipe a few times to shake off excess water, and then wipe off any water remaining on the inner and outer wall of the water pipe. The shaking process is also to ensure that no water leaking out during the use of the water pipe.

★Twist the adapter into the bottom of the water pipe and then screw on the device.

★Cleaning: Use your mouth to Blow out the water from the top/ mouthpiece of the bubbler attachment,