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ASH CATCHER GLASS 4" / 8 ARM / 19 MM / 90°

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How to use Ash Catcher:

How to use your Ash Catcher properly to get a perfect hit from water pipe, attach the ash catcher to the water pipe joint where you put your bowl and then the bowl on the top.

When to light the herb in the bowl, and you take a hit the burnt ash gets stuck in the ash catcher. I n this way you can prevent the burnt ash going into the main chamber. Make sure you do not fill the water too full, so the water will seep through the ash catcher and pick up the burnt residues.

Ash Catchers with diffusion:

If your pipe is full of percolators, then you may need a basic Ash catcher that keeps the residue out of your pipe. If you would like to enhance the smoothness, you can opt for an Ash Catcher with percolator. There are few different types like showerhead, honeycomb, inline and tree.

Most of the ash catchers are made of one chamber, but there are some with two chambers as well that can better diffuse the smoke for an even more pleasurable hit. Depending on the budget, smoothness, and preferences there are many options available in the market.

If you are a water pipe user, an ash catcher is a great investment for sure you will not regret. They will allow cleaner water pipe and enhance the flavor with added diffusion.

How to clean ash catcher:

Use pipe cleaners.

Fill up the ash catcher with rubbing alcohol (hydrogen peroxide) & salt and shake it around.